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Get High-quality Electric Irons from the biggest suppliers around the globe:

Founded in 2004, Cotell Intelligent Technology (Shenzhen) Co Ltd is one of the biggest electric iron supplier across the globe. Globally, we have proudly served more than 50,000 customers which makes us stand out as the leading electric iron supplier in the world. We scouted the global landscape and recruited the best talent around the world. Our research team is working to design the best electrical products through Research and Development. High-technology machinery is used to manufacture and continuously optimize our product. Our team focuses on continuous optimization through quality checks and control measures to assure the best quality of the product.


Why Choose us?

Our highly competent R&D personnel have designed our products to ensure the best quality for the customer as per their need. Our electric iron is made from high quality and the finest material that not only increases durability but also keeps it lightweight to make it easy to use. Our product’s inbuilt features such as a temperature controller as well as a steam sprinkler make it user-friendly and compatible with different types of fabrics. Some of the main aspects to consider purchasing our products are:

High-Quality manufacturing:

We work on the principle of customer satisfaction that directs us to manufacture the highest quality products to fulfill customers’ needs. Our product is durable, reliable, lightweight, and user-friendly. To prevent contact with hot surfaces, our product is designed with heat resistant plastic body to prevent melting.

Colors and Variations:

Our products come in different colors and variations which can be selected from our diverse range. Customers can select our product keeping in view their home decor color theme and which variant fits their home environment perfectly


Everyone appreciates an electronic device that consumes less electricity. Our products are designed to be very energy efficient. Our experts have designed all the components of the product through advanced technology. The use of reliable and long-lasting components has zero maintenance cost for consumers.


To give your clothes a professional look in a very short period, our electric iron is the solution. This is where our steam sprinkler function comes up for action. Our steam sprinkler is helpful to give smooth look and removes even the hardest wrinkles from your clothes. This helps in time-saving mostly when you are running late.